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Verzenay Vintage Wine

100% Vintage Wine

VERZENAY BRUT comes only from Verzenay, 100% vintage wine to the standard classification of Champagne wines.

The VERZENAY vineyard, covering 424 hectares; is the most northerly vintage wine in the Reims mountain range. Its curved slopes are natually protected from northern winds and benefit from full exposure to sunshine.

VERZENAY is the soil which allows Pinot Noir to emit aromas of red berries giving roundness, body and strength to this vintage, while Chardonnay expresses a touch of delicate flavour.
A Vintage Wine... A Tradition

Varietals :

Pinot Noir: 75%
Chardonnay: 25%

Goes very well with :

Shellfish, Lobster, grilled or poached "au vin de Verzenay" fish and poultry.